Saturday, March 30, 2013

new york, new york: part 1

it is my most favorite place on earth.  the sites.  the sounds.  the way every inch, corner and crevice houses something new, something artistic, something bat-shit crazy and something so very nyc.  we spent 5 days there last week and it was everything we imagined it would be.  i've been on several occasions, almost always during march, for work, for fun, for no reason at all - twice now with evan -  but this trip would mark the first time alex has been and the first time we were there together, as a family.

we arrived by 10 am saturday morning and we had nothing but time to look forward to.  hosted by our good friends nick and mandy, whose home captures the most beautiful views of the city, we set out to discover all that it had to offer.

day 1 guided us through central park, on our way to the museum of natural history, where alex would see every animal and dinosaur that her little heart could handle, hail her first cab, find a ginormous pinecone, over-indulge with an italian dinner and marvel at this wondrous place i have been telling her about since birth.

all of us being awake since 3:30 am that day and still going strong, it truly lived up to its rep as the city that never sleeps.  we caught up with great friends and all but fell over dead - 20 hours later for her, a full 24 for us - exhausted, exhilarated, and totally enchanted by the endless possibilities that were up ahead.

this is our nyc spring break vacation, part 1...

Friday, March 22, 2013

an irish & greek birthday bonanza

we've been away for a while - digging out of the wintery snow bubble that burst all around us and just doing the day-to-day things that, before you know it, fill up an entire month.  and what do you know - it's snowing again today.  aside from this avalanche of winter, a lot has been going on.  some really great and new adventures have occurred and more are on the horizon - we'll get to those eventually - but first a quick look back at the past weekend, and a birthday celebration that was an absolute blast. 

my birthday was the 16th and since it fell on a weekend and the day before st. patrick's day, we decided the entire weekend should be devoted to celebrating.  yeeesssss!  you know how we roll.  so that's what we did.  with the brookside st. patrick's day warm-up parade falling on my birthday, we invited a house full of friends to taste-test our first bangers & mash endeavor and hit up the parade. 

i am telling you people, there is no better way to celebrate a birthday than filling your house up with your closest friends, feeding them and toasting with them for an entire day.  

which leads me into later on that evening....

once again everyone regrouped for the evening celebration which included a table for 11 of our besties complete with all the hilarity and hijinks tassos restaurant regularly serves up.  

another year gone by.  another year older.  another reason i love birthdays and getting to celebrate life with these party animals in tow.  cheers! 

thanks friends for celebrating with us! 
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