Wednesday, April 24, 2013

sponsored post: frankly basic part II

i promised i would be back with a follow-up to my last frankly basic post - and here i am with the second and third outfits from my dreamy-day-o-dress-up.

the long and short of it:  the fact that i am in shorts in the following photos is a true testament to how much i love everything about this place.  i don't think i have worn shorts in a decade - but that all changed the moment i stepped into these seriously soft denim shorts and paired them with this peachy pink sweater and the cutest wedges in the world.  bonus:  the wedges are actually toms, insanely comfortable and currently loving their new home in my closet.

ps - please don't be envious of my pasty-pale-white legs.  tan i do/can not.

jackets and bags:  these two things are becoming sort of an issue for me.  i kind of collect jackets and i can't say to no to a stylish bag.  the combination of this red-hot trench, with the perfect basic tee and another ridiculously soft pair of denim along with that bag (!!!) well, let's just say there are worse problems a girl could have.

did i mention the gray and white toms?  anything gray.  also a problem.

april showers bring may flowers along with the ideal trench and fabulous floral wedges.  head on over to frankly basic and check them out on facebook then get outfitted for spring!

you'll be so excited you'll make up awesome dance moves - like this - and then let people photograph you while doing them...

...what do you care?!   you're a saavy shopper and you have seriously cute shoes.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

part three: new york, new york

if you are anywhere near as annoyed with us, as we are with ourselves, for dragging out this highlight of our trip, then you must be super annoyed.  we understand.  so without further adieu - day 3:  starbucks.  bigggie smalls.  the new york hall of science in queens.  the moma ps1.  fao schwartz.  times square.  johns pizzeria.   which equals:  necessary.  awesome. so fun!  a-maze-ing. insane.  obligatory.  and delish!  in that order.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

part two: new york, new york

we're back with day two of our spring breakation to nyc.  on this day, we got up early, hit up one of our favorite spots in the city - h&h bagels - for the absolute BEST bagels around i don't care who you are.  delish.  after a quick bite to eat, we headed to the central park zoo - the perfect zoo.  right in the middle of everything, but surprisingly secluded and just big enough that you can see the entire thing in a short amount of time.  get there early for the feeding of the seals - by far the most entertaining part. 

before the trip, we decided to put some of alex's saved up birthday cash on a visa gift card for her.  great decision.  we explained in advance that she could spend it however she chose, but once it was gone, it was gone - and we wouldn't be buying her any other souvenirs.  it worked like a dream and she was super conscientious about her  purchases.  

don't think that she didn't at least try to weasel some extra cash out of us though (the picture of that will be obvious...)

we then headed out to meet evan's cousin chelsea for brunch at alice's tea cup.  along the way, we popped into the many unique little shops and boutiques that line nyc streets.  alex was totally enamored by all the street artists we encountered.  she even took some time to gain some words of wisdom from someone in the biz.  he looked through her sketch book and had some really encouraging words for our budding little artist.  

and we bought a zebra print from him.  duh. 

in the evening we headed to grand central station where we hopped on a train to lower manhattan to board the staten island ferry.  this FREE 5 mile boat ride takes you right past the statue of liberty and at night, is the most beautiful view of the city from the water.  a perfect (and cost effective) way to catch a glimpse of the city at night.  

all in all, day two was an excellent day.  the weather was gorgeous and we had plenty to see and do. 

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