Thursday, May 26, 2011

We're Amazing. And Apparently, Athletic!

At least that's what is being said about us on We Are The Bloggers, the official blog of our friends and photogs:  We Are The Parsons.  We can confirm only one half of that statement to be true. :)   The real truth? We think they are the amazing ones.  And the funniest thing ever being printed anywhere in the history of the world  is the athletic reference one commenter made.  Because if you know us, you know that is 100% false. I mean we have been known to do things like dance, walk, lift objects ---  but that is pretty much the extent of our athletic prowess.

Either way, the point is we got our pics back from our photo shoot last week and they rule.  To check them out, click here.  And be sure to leave a comment!  (a true one!).

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Something Very Significant Happened Today

Yep.  We now have a Runza in town.  And my life is forever changed.

So This Happened.....

That's right.  We had the absolute pleasure of being photographed by one half of the husband/wife duo, The Parsons, yesterday morning.  That's Jeremy. And that was a super big hill.

Can we just tell you....the anticipation is killing us!  We highlighted them several weeks back after they shot  an engagement session in NYC, with our friends Nick & Mandy.  And yesterday, it was finally our turn!  A little late some might say, but that's okay.  It was the perfect morning for a photo shoot and we are so excited to see how the shots came out.

Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can You Handle The Cuteness!?!?

I am in the wrong line of work.

Add being a school photog/owning a school portrait studio to the ever growing list of things I apparently could have made millions on!  Seriously, a second round of school pictures for the spring????  Did I not spend enough on the fall round?  You know, the round I assumed would be the only kindergarten round? Do these people have the market cornered on sucker-ing parents or what?  I mean obviously they know, as much as you try, you cannot avoid ordering more pictures of your adorable kiddos.  And yet, here they are again reminding you just how much you can't resist something so cute!  This is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen and therefore I have been suckered into more school pictures.

But how can you deny something so presh!?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Evening In Paris II

Over the weekend we attended our second Evening in Paris fundraiser at Alex's school.  We love this event.  Some of the very best restaurants in Kansas City are a part of it and so its a great opportunity to try several different (and amazing!!!) dishes for a small and totally worth it pricetag that doubles as a donation to the school.  Plus all you can eat desserts and all you can drink cocktails make this event worth. every. penny.

It's also a great opportunity to wear fancy dresses and fascinators and let's face it, there are never enough of those opportunities....even if said fascinator looks like deer antlers in photographs. 

Seriously, it's a great time.

We managed to get out of there this year with a few wins on a couple of silent auction items.  My favorite?  These two super cool prints from one of our favorite local letterpress printers, Hammerpress.

No word yet on where these things will eventually end up.  For now they are just chilin' in the entryway covering up some artwork already in progress.

We also hand a hand in helping to put together the class basket, basically lots of cool items from the neighborhood including gift certificates totaling over $300.  We bid on this, but didn't win it, but it did manage to go for a great price --- so we're really happy about that.

One of the coolest things about this event is aside from it benefiting the school --- a place we feel SUPER grateful to have gotten into---- is it really is a lot of fun.  Last year we went before we knew if Alex had been accepted and before we knew anyone there.  So going back this year as a part of the school and actually having friends to hang out with, was awesome.

Below are a few pics from an Evening In Paris 2011.

Menu From Michael Smith - a local favorite and the place we ate last July to celebrate our engagement.

Alex's Class Project, one of the many silent auction items available to bid on.  Again, we bid, but didn't win. 

Harry & Rochelle (aka: the hosts of my b-day surprise party).

Rochelle & Carla, fellow moms and new bffs. 

These two you know.

Us with Mme. Israel - Alex's Teacher

 Me & Annie--- one half of a cool couple we met and sat with last year at this event. Also part of a group of people we went in with to score a Private Boulevard Beer tasting event.  But we lost that too.

All in all, there really are no losses for an event like this.  Food, fun and fundraising = a win win win!

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