Monday, November 3, 2014

lego my gargoyle

my husband said that someone asked him about the blog today. they said it had been a while since they saw a new post. i didn't realize anyone was still visiting us here - so i am pretty excited about that!  it's the little things in life friends! anyway, posting used to be one of my favorite things to do, i used to have more free time or maybe i was just better at making time for it, but either way, i just don't do it like i used to. but i do miss it and more than anything i miss being able to look back through and document an entire year in blog posts.  the last year and a half is somewhat incomplete in terms of blog archives, but we have had a lot going on even if the photo proof is missing.

but halloween - you know i never miss a halloween. so here are a few photos from the weekend and alex's latest dream-come-true costume: a gargoyle. evan and i were characters from the lego move. these two in case you haven't seen the flick. not nearly as inspired, but fun nonetheless.

if you're still reading this - or even checking in from time to time, leave us a comment, we'd love to know you're out there! hope you had a fun halloween - it really is the best time of year.

 ps.... our tiny puppy is now not a tiny puppy and he looks pretty cute dressed up as a UW Badger:


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