Sunday, December 20, 2009

Habitat ReStore how we love thee...let us count the ways...

Yay for Habitat ReStore! Especially for their end-of-the-year 25% off sale! We scored big today...300 ft. of 3.5" crown molding for $22? Why yes we will! How about a 2' by 5' slab of granite for $16.50? Why not? Italian porcelain tile for $1/sq. ft? You bet!

We love this place...I personally try to go at least 3 times/week. Biding our time on picking out a piece of granite paid off today though, we got the piece we were waiting for. Perfect size for an old buffet of Kelly's that we're turning into an island.

When we first set out on this journey I said that for everything we buy NEW, we should try to buy just as many things USED...or at least reclaimed. ReStore is the perfect place for us to carry out that goal. Thanks Habitat!!!

PS...don't try loading 1,000 ft. of vinyl siding in a short-bed S-10 pick-up...unless you have a buddy to walk behind you all the way home. ;)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

This Week's "We Couldn't Live Without...Award" Goes To:

Our Friends!

As the renovations began on Sunday some really awesome friends volunteered to come over and do some really awful work! As the kitchen floor came up and the various shades of carpet went out (did we mention there were various shades?) a dramatic makeover was well underway before the chili and Jimmy Johns sandwiches ever arrived!
Who knows how many staples we might still be pulling up if it weren't for our wonderful friends? And more importantly: Who knows if they'll ever volunteer to help us again???

Either way, we couldn't have done it without their help.
Well, we maybe could have...but we'd still be doing it!
Thanks to all!

An Open Letter

Dear Sherwin Williams,

Your "Unfussy Beige" is neither beige nor unfussy. We have taken the liberty of giving this shade a new and frankly more accurate description.

From now on please refer to this color as: Pink.


The TwoSixE Crew & Our Walls.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Map

To understand how this all began we have to go back a couple of years and it's very possible that in detailing how we all got to this point, we might be asked to lie down on a couch and take deep breaths, but for the sake of storytelling, this adventure really began nearly three months ago with a little white map and a big yellow house.

After what seemed like an eternity, #3 was the Chosen One and this past weekend we kicked off the renovations with a bottle of the finest $4.99 champagne, some dust masks, a dumpster, our family and some really great friends.

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