Friday, September 27, 2013

let's get to garage-ing!

back on one of the hottest weekends of the summer, a group of friends and a couple of family members (evan's dad and uncle dennis) decided to build a garage.  and build they did.  in the span of about 2.5 days, we had a newly poured garage slab, a few pallets of wood, and then seemingly out of nowhere - a garage began to take shape.

dream-garage-a-poo-looza/we-now-have-a-back-yard is still underway, but the end is in sight and boy - does she look goooood.  we're experiencing some pretty incredible fall weather right now, but we know that first snow is just waiting to debut.  and when she does, we'll be ready.  or so i am told. :)

i know it is only september, but it's never too early to starting thinking about a "men of 26 east" calendar for all your holiday gift giving needs.  


Sunday, September 22, 2013

babies 'n things

over the weekend i had the awesome honor of throwing a baby shower for one of my very best friends in this whole wide world.

natalie and i met on the first day college, in our dorm.  she was in the 3rd floor bathroom of millikan hall and i was only on her floor to meet up with a girl i had fallen down the stairs with earlier that day.  there's a story there, but only the ending matters.  on my way to see this other new friend, i made a quick stop in the bathroom and that's where i found natalie.  

so, it was fate basically.  i was meant to run into that girl on the stairs which is the only reason i then ran into my natalie.  there are so few truly genuine, naturally funny and effortlessly drama-free chicks in the world.  she is one of them and i feel incredibly lucky to have found her.  the world should feel equally lucky that she and her adorable husband are reproducing. 

there were four of us that were inseparable all through college.  you name it, we did it together and i have boxes of photos from the days of developing film to prove it.   and to this day, we all remain the best of of friends.  sure, we get older, busier and meet new friends, but these girls have and always will be some of the people who know me best and who some of my favorite memories were made alongside.  the three of them hosted my baby shower almost 10 years ago, and so to get to do this together again was pretty amazing.

i love these girls.  and i love that we could be together for this. 

now that we all have kids of our own, i just wonder if any of them will ever believe us when we tell them how flippin' cool we were are.

ps - can you believe that cake?!
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