Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ride with us: wild rose equine center

sometimes you need to get out of the city and ride horses for the day.  we had the opportunity to do just that recently, and i highly recommend it.

wild rose equine center, located just north of kansas city, in dearborn missouri, is the perfect place to visit when you need to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.   it's not the type of thing you can do everyday, (well maybe you can, i don't know your budget), but for a great deal - just $30 each - we reserved an hour-long adventure with a few, new four-legged friends.

the equine center is run by dez mallonee, and she takes an active role in ensuring every guest feels right at home.

the property is well-maintained and the staff couldn't be more accommodating or any friendlier. 

regardless of your knowledge of horses or horseback riding, you'll feel like an old pro after a quick lesson in guiding your horse.  you'll spend an hour exploring the open fields and rugged terrain, expertly guided by their knowledgeable (and did i mention super friendly?) staff.  the trail rides are available for guests age 4 and up and helmets are provided.

when your ride is over, don't head back too quickly to your city abode.  take some time to explore the grounds, getting to know some friends of the animal variety who reside there.

this llama was pretty rad.  struttin' around like he owned the joint and vougue-in' it up for the camera.   i seriously considered taking this diva home with us.

but alas, the llamas are not for sale.  

puppies however, are.

we had an awesome time at wild rose and we'll no doubt be heading back soon for another adventure.

wild rose equine center is open year-round when the temperature is above 20 degrees and under 100.  they offer trail rides, riding lessons, boarding and a variety of other services.  visit their website or check them out on facebook for additional information and to book your own adventure soon.

Wild Rose Equine Center
17105 Old Pike Rd.
Dearborn, MO 64439 

****UPDATE:******  get the Groupon for half off!  just $15 for an hour ride for a limited time!  CLICK HERE.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

happy thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving from our little family to yours! 

thanks for stopping by.  xoxo

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

simple thanksgiving hostess gift

i have to admit when it comes to baking, i am not a pro.  not even a lesser version of a pro.  i just don't do it that often, so i am really not very good.  but during the holidays i always like to bring a little something to friends and anyone who is hosting a gathering for us.   so this is my super simple go-to for those of you out there, like me, who have the best of intentions but maybe limited skills when it comes to festive holiday treats.

what you'll need: two large eggs, vegetable oil, water, trader joe's pumpkin bread mix (or another brand you like), a jar of trader joe's pumpkin butter, cellophane, disposable baking tins, some festive ribbon and florals.

following the guidelines on the box, prepare your pumpkin mixture.  yes this is a box mixture, but it's trader joes, so you know it's awesome.

then pour mixture into your deposable baking tins.   i found this 3-pack at Target for $1.29

bake for one hour at 350 degrees...

 let it cool for at least an hour, then wrap it up with some cellophane and a ribbon:

next, add in a few extras.  here i have included a jar of pumpkin butter and some festive berries i picked up at trader joes.   i also added in some fall colored tea towels from target for $2 a piece.  

lastly, toss everything into a paper gift bag and add a customized note.

and that's it!  a simple little gift to say i am thankful for you this holiday season...even if i'm only a pastry chef at heart.  

still a little low on time and need to make something quick?

grab a few festive fall favorites and wrap them up.  cellophane and florals make everything pretty!

happy thanksgiving everyone!
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