Wednesday, November 21, 2012

simple thanksgiving hostess gift

i have to admit when it comes to baking, i am not a pro.  not even a lesser version of a pro.  i just don't do it that often, so i am really not very good.  but during the holidays i always like to bring a little something to friends and anyone who is hosting a gathering for us.   so this is my super simple go-to for those of you out there, like me, who have the best of intentions but maybe limited skills when it comes to festive holiday treats.

what you'll need: two large eggs, vegetable oil, water, trader joe's pumpkin bread mix (or another brand you like), a jar of trader joe's pumpkin butter, cellophane, disposable baking tins, some festive ribbon and florals.

following the guidelines on the box, prepare your pumpkin mixture.  yes this is a box mixture, but it's trader joes, so you know it's awesome.

then pour mixture into your deposable baking tins.   i found this 3-pack at Target for $1.29

bake for one hour at 350 degrees...

 let it cool for at least an hour, then wrap it up with some cellophane and a ribbon:

next, add in a few extras.  here i have included a jar of pumpkin butter and some festive berries i picked up at trader joes.   i also added in some fall colored tea towels from target for $2 a piece.  

lastly, toss everything into a paper gift bag and add a customized note.

and that's it!  a simple little gift to say i am thankful for you this holiday season...even if i'm only a pastry chef at heart.  

still a little low on time and need to make something quick?

grab a few festive fall favorites and wrap them up.  cellophane and florals make everything pretty!

happy thanksgiving everyone!

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