Thursday, May 26, 2011

We're Amazing. And Apparently, Athletic!

At least that's what is being said about us on We Are The Bloggers, the official blog of our friends and photogs:  We Are The Parsons.  We can confirm only one half of that statement to be true. :)   The real truth? We think they are the amazing ones.  And the funniest thing ever being printed anywhere in the history of the world  is the athletic reference one commenter made.  Because if you know us, you know that is 100% false. I mean we have been known to do things like dance, walk, lift objects ---  but that is pretty much the extent of our athletic prowess.

Either way, the point is we got our pics back from our photo shoot last week and they rule.  To check them out, click here.  And be sure to leave a comment!  (a true one!).

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