Sunday, July 25, 2010

Half-Bath Bliss - The Resurrection Begins

Because all our millions of fans enjoyed my first installment of Half-Bath Bliss so much and couldn't stop raving about it...I decided Part 2 was overdue.  ;)

I left off right after I had demolished our entryway half-bath, and freed a frightened barn swallow who had somehow worked his way into our home. Now it's time to show you how we started putting it back together.

I started by fixing some inherited haywire wiring...goodbye junction boxes!! Hello functional fan!!

Luckily my handiwork passed Andre's electrical inspection!

After the rough-in work was done, it was time for drywall.  Of course I couldn't get started without my cheerleader!  :)  Don't worry Kelly, I'll sweep up the mess later...or maybe tomorrow...

And the ceiling fits!  I'm still amazed we were able to lift this piece and get it into position without breaking the little edge around the fan housing!  Look at those muscles!

My flat, cro-magnon skull did a great job helping hold up the sheet while we got the first few screws in.  But I'll be honest...I couldn't have done it without the help of my ladies (Alex took these shots, along with 20 more of the cat)!

Get in there last piece!!!

The un-mudded results...thank the wiring gods for shining upon me!

Functional fan.  Enough said...

My queen picking up some new mudding skillz.  She wasn't half bad!  :)

She may have found a new calling.  Somehow I don't think she's going to answer THAT call.  ;)

Stay tuned for the final installment where we mud, paint, and unveil our surprise counter top selection.  Thanks for reading!


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  1. oh the joys of mudding and taping!! can't wait to see your counter top selection.. is it marble, is it granite??


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