Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Have A Kindergartener

This little girl and her little piggy tails went to kindergarten today...

My baby girl, who has grown into this little person with an enormous imagination, began her very first day of schooling today.  Maybe it's cliche, but really I wonder where the time has gone!?  It's true---they really do grow up so fast.

She looked absolutely adorable in her "French Toast Plaid" jumper, posing after bagels, right before heading to her French Immersion school---complete with matching hair bows for said pigtails, white socks and Mary Jane's. 

Clearly the only thing missing was a catwalk.

Getting to school was a breeze.  She did the summer enrichment program for 6 weeks and walking into school, seeing several of her friends from that, was super exciting for her.  And it made me feel pretty great too. 

Last night we hung out for a while before bedtime, awaiting the return of our hot water ....more on this later......and we watched Homeward Bound.  I lose it at the end of this movie, I'll admit it. Nearly 20 years after seeing it for the first time, it brought massive tears to my eyes.

Apparently me crying is "so weird and embarrassing" for Alex, and she didn't miss the opportunity to tell me so.  I told her there was a good chance I would also cry dropping her off in the just to be prepared. 

She made sure to tell me, I "better not embarrass" her on her "very first big day." starts. :)

And I have to say, we've done the preschool thing before.  And as a working mom, I'm used to dropping her off in the mornings somewhere.  But there is just something about Kindergarten. 

 So while I held it together pretty well, while dropping her off....

I did however cry "Oui Oui Oui" all the way home. :)

And luckily for her, her reputation was spared.


My Darling Alex,
My dreams for you are bigger than I could ever type, write or say.  We've been through so much together in 5 short years and I look with hope, anticipation and excitement at all we're sure to experience in the years to come.  You are incredibly talented and amazingly beautiful and I just love you so stinkin' much. I have been a fortunate witness to all of your firsts...and today is no different.  As you begin your first year of school remember always how proud of you I am and how much I love and adore you. You are a gift.

Your future is wide open, your dreams are always within reach and your mom is always by your side.


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  1. about your tear jerkers!! I should have waited until I got home to crack this one open. Congrats!! :-)

    2 things:

    1) Glad to see she's still holding it down for the stars and strips with that "freedom" backpack

    2) your Oui, Oui, Oui joke mad me laugh out loud....

    nice work!


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