Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It may have been Alex's 4th Annual Ice SCREAM Spooktacular, but it was officially our first one in our new-to-us home at 26 East!

In years past we've had a decent turn out of party animals.  Last year, if I recall correctly, we had about 8 kids and that was mass chaos on its own.  This year, just under 6 hours ago to be exact, we had 23 adorable little monsters in our home, and surprisingly, it went very smoothly!

Almost everyone in her class (not all pictured) showed up and we welcomed all their siblings too and after a delicious dinner of ice cream sundaes with Halloween fixen's --- bat brains, werewolf hearts, skeletal bones--- we hit the streets for some trick or treating, ambushing anyone who dared to answer their door. 

All in all we had a blast! Such a great time!  Trick or treating as a group definitely beats a solo effort, and much to our surprise, the house wasn't in terrible order after everyone left!

A little breakdown of the festivities to follow and a Happy Halloween to you all!

What's not to love about this tradition!?  Costumes. Candy. Chaos.  We love Halloween!   

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