Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Story of Us

We're taking a mini-break on house project posts to begin highlighting some of the DIY projects and vendors we have lined up for our upcoming wedding.  We are still in the process of renovating our 3rd Floor Guest Suite (that sounds fancy!) so we'll definitely be highlighting that re-no project soon too! 

The one thing that people have been asking a lot about lately is our choice for a wedding photographer.  We love pictures.  We take a lot of them.  We took 1700 when we made our save-the-date video and on any given weekend, if there is something fun going on, it's not out of the ordinary to snap 300 pics.  For a vacation, 500-1000 is standard. So when it came time to select the photographer(s) who would capture our big day, we wanted to find someone who had the same vision as us.

One our favorite things to do is hook a laptop up to our big screen and reminisce through photos of past life events.  We love the emotion that can be brought back to the surface when you are reminded of a fabulous vacation or a ridiculous night out on the town. So in the spirit of capturing life's greatest moments, we wanted to select a photographer who understood where we were coming from and could appreciate the story that can be told through photographs.

A couple of non-negotiables:

While you can't avoid the shots of the entire family, all together, standing in front of the alter of a church, we just didn't see this being something we would look back on and be able to recall what we were feeling in that moment.  Instead, we wanted real moments captured.  A feeling - a laugh - an awkward dance move, the kind of photos that capture a moment in time, a display of real truth and heart, not an awkward display of family members squeezing together on stage.

We also think we have a pretty cool story of how we met and fell in love.  We wanted to tell that story.  But we needed a couple of amazing artists to help us capture it all. 

Enter the Parsons.

Evan and I credit our meeting each other to a series of serendipitous events.  Fate some might say.  And when it comes to fate, there have been several instances of it in the past few years.  As luck or fate would have it, the youngest of the Parsons brood landed in the same class as Alex this year and we became fast friends.  When we discovered their incredible passion and insane talent for photography, we were instantly smitten!  And when our good friends Nick & Mandy also booked them for their upcoming wedding, we were thrilled to be able to see their work with people we know and love!  So you can imagine our delight when they shared their engagement shots with us this past week.   

Anyone who knows me, knows about my obsession with New York City, so when the Parsons shot our good friends in the city I love and they live in, the results were AMAZING!

Here is a quick look at Nick & Mandy in NYC courtesy of  The Parsons.

To say we are are excited about what they'll do for/with us is an understatement!  We didn't find a good photographer - we found 2!  A super creative husband & wife team that love to tell stories with their photographs and we can't wait for them to tell ours!   

For a more detailed look at these and other amazing stories, check out our friends at and check back here soon --- more updates are on the way!

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