Wednesday, June 12, 2013

the last day of school

it seems like just a few weeks ago i posted this post about the first day of second grade.  and now, here we are again at the end of the year.  the end of school always sneaks up on me and then, hits me like a ton of #2 pencils.  it's an emotional experience - always has been.  i used to cry on my last day of school every year.  i would always try to be the last one to leave the classroom.  i would gather up all my things, take one last, longing look around, pretend i was in a movie about really deep subjects like "lisa frank stickers" or "the end of fourth grade", and then i would stand in the doorway and have myself a nice little cry.

that usually lasted about 30 seconds until i remembered it was summertime and then that would be the end of that.

but even as an adult, there is something about the end of the school year that really grabs a hold of me and reminds me just how fast time flies by.

and now, all of a sudden, i have a third grader who couldn't wait for the year to end.

when she flew out the door and flashed this last-day-of-school smile at me, i couldn't help but smile back.  i wanted to stop, have a look around and take it all in --- but she had places to be, friends to see and a last-day-of-school dodgeball tournament to dominate.

someone once told me that second grade is the last time they ever have that baby-faced look about them.  i was so glad i could get away from work for a little while to be with her on her last day of school.  she didn't miss a beat celebrating the end of an era.  i on the other hand, may have taken a few extra dramatic moments to soak it all in.

and then, i had myself a customary little cry.
....for old times' sake.


  1. sweet jesus... This made me cry. And Harry looks so grown up. I see Alex too much to notice her growing up but when I look back I am amazed... This makes me a little sad too!

  2. The Royals should sign that kid in the Paris Saint-Germain kit...good form.


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