Wednesday, July 3, 2013

two years

i never thought i would get married.  it's not that i didn't want to, or didn't love the idea of it, it's just that it was never something i could wrap my head fully around.
i was stubborn about it.  i knew exactly what it would take to be happy, and frankly i didn't think the type of person i had in mind existed.  i wanted to be picky - no, not picky - precise!  it would have to be someone who understood that life is short, love is important and a marriage is a choice you make every time you wake up.

i never knew anyone like that or knew where or how to find them.  i was convinced my expectations were too high.  too unreasonable.  too much.

i didn't just want a husband, i wanted a partner, a soulmate, a friend.  he would be someone to navigate life with, to laugh with, to cry with and grow old with.

he would have to love dancing at weddings. to the slow songs. the fast songs and the last song.
he would have to hold hands. hold a conversation.  hold my heart and hold our family together.
he would like to take walks after dinner and drink coffee with the paper on sundays.
he would believe in love. in marriage. in parenting and in me.
he would love his mom and treat everyone with respect.
he would like to go places.  eat things.  travel the world and stay close to home.
he would never meet a person he didn't like.
he would be fair.  honest. responsible and hilarious.
he would have some life experiences and be appreciative of mine.
he would have to know what it's like to get it wrong, and then understand what it takes to get it right.
he would understand what i had been through and we would go through everything else together.
he would know how to build things - like a bookshelf. like character. and a home.
he would love my daughter - not just accept her - but love her dearly, help her grow, engage in her life, her school, her interests and teach her things i had never even thought to do.
he would call her every night if he was on the road.  tell her he loved her.  was proud of her and couldn't wait to see her soon.
he would miss us.
appreciate us.
love us.
and complete us.
he would make me thankful.  a believer.  and a better person through and through.

i never thought i would get married because i never imagined i would find someone like him.

until one day, i did.

happy second anniversary to the man who is everything i never knew was possible and continues to exceed my expectations each and every day.

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