Monday, January 6, 2014


nine.  the last of the single digits and the beginning of....what?  i am genuinely asking.  the past nine years have been a ride, a roller coaster with ups, downs, some stomach churning flips coupled with equal parts exhilaration and fear.  nine, you are attitude mixed with awesome.  you are defiance sprinkled with dreams.  you are a challenge, a triumph, an adventure, a joy.  i don't know what the next nine years look like, but i know that i want to try my very best to hold onto to this one as long as i possibly can.  the ones that have come before nine have gone by way too fast.

nine, you are my everest.  officially considered a "tween".

happy ninth to my alex.  we're on this ride together.  please tell me when i can open my eyes and exhale.

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