Monday, March 22, 2010

Celebration Time

My birthday was Tuesday (Thank you Baby for the super sweet shout out) and on Saturday we invited a few of our friends over to celebrate with us.  Early into the weekend it seemed like the weather was just daring us to have a gathering.  The sun was shining and it was near 65 degrees; But by Saturday evening we had nearly 6 inches of snow on the ground!  However, that didn't stop our incredible friends from getting out in the cold and snow and joining us for what turned out to be a really great time --- and I couldn't be happier that they did!  It was the perfect way to celebrate another year and it just feels damn good to have our friends in our new home.

Need another reason to celebrate? Turns out, one of my oldest and dearest friends from high school lives right near our new house and after reconnecting at out 10 year reunion last summer, I was super thrilled to have her and her hubby join in on the fun.

Made my day.

But let's get one major thing out of the way first:

CostCo sells a 3lb brick of cream cheese.

I'm just saying.

And speaking of incredible things, I have to take this opportunity to thank my super awesome friends for not only gifting us with their presence, but also with some pretty cool gifts!

IKEA. Jack Bauer. The knife.

And a special thanks to everyone for keeping our "spirits" up...

Yes, that is a slap bracelet type Budweiser coolie/coozie/koozie (there is some debate in our household over the proper term), who even knew such a thing existed!?

Pizza! My favorite food on earth I'm pretty sure.  (Thanks Chip!)

And at a certian point in the evening, (LATE) what else can you do except break out the board games? We played a hilariously thrilling game of Pictionary. And in the most interesting showing of artistic talent, we give you : "Motion Sickness" by Natalie:

Huge laughs = Best. Gift. Ever.

And because I am feeling particularly lucky this week, a shot of the lucky bamboo Evan sent me....

And in a few little gifts to myself ....

New (old) dining room chairs, some mantle photography and yellow tulips (the best!)....

And last but not least, my craziest obsession to date.  And that is saying something.  I discovered this soap/lotion combo at Anthropologie almost 6 years ago, and fell in love with it.  It carries a pretty unreasonable price tag (as most things from Anthropologie do) so I told myself when I finally owned my own kitchen, I'd buy it to celebrate. Well naturally Anthropologie discontinued the line, but I was able to find it online and finally broke it out this weekend.  Its a little thing...but I just adore this combo! 

Totally worth the wait.

All in all--- a fantastic weekend and one of the best birthdays I can remember! So many things to celebrate and be thankful for!  Thanks again to all our friends for joining us!


  1. HA!! LMAO! Had a great time....good to see the "motion sickness" picture posted ;-) (I seriously think you need to frame that).

    Had a wonderful time and looking forward to the next one!

  2. O.K., I want to get a copy of "Barguments" now...looks interesting and fun!!

  3. Would it be wrong to want a 3-lb brick of cream cheese, too?? ;-) Oh, and I love the "new" white chairs!

  4. I just love how you guys have modernized the place! Following your blog has been a joy! :)


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