Monday, March 29, 2010 fresh and so clean, clean

OK...this is a VERY OLD, VERY RETROSPECTIVE topic...but this is a short post detailing the steps I took to quickly re-finish our tub on the 2nd floor in order to make it "livable."  :)

We had a structurally sound tub with solid tile (gray as it may be), and modern (new in the last 20 years) plumbing.  We decided instead of going with a full bathroom tile re-spray for $1,700...we'd go with two cans of XIM "Tile Doc" epoxy tub spray, and a few hours of quasi-painstaking work.

The first step was to scrape all the old finish with a razor scraper to get off all the old, loose "re-finish."  There was more than one "handyman" at work in this house previously!  

Then I had to mask off everything I didn't want to "re-finish."  This included the shower/tub walls, as well as the fill spout, etc.  (Notice the nasty, old remnants of the 1970's peel & stick vinyl tiles??)

There is an un-photographed step between old and new...which wasn't very photgraphable.  I cleaned the old bathtub thoroughly and etched the surface with XIM bathtub surface etching acid.  This was a purple, mucky, time-consuming mess...but in the end hopefully an important step that will help the new finish bond well to the old!

Now was the moment of truth.  I started going to town with the spray can of "new" bathtub-in-a-can.  Much to my came out pretty well!!!  

Maybe hard to tell from the pictures...and sorry I don't have more, but our "new" old bathtub is now shiny and new!!!  Hello clean feeling after taking a shower!  :)  YAY!!!

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