Sunday, April 4, 2010

All in a (Holi)Days Work

It may have been a holiday weekend, but with the kiddo away, family in town last weekend, family in town next weekend, and some of the most beautiful weather we've had in what seems like years---- it was the perfect weekend to relax and focus on beautifying the outside of our home. 

Let's begin with the deal of the week.  Six patio chairs, purchased from where else?----Craigslist----for a mere $40.  Hard to beat.  Deal! Deal! Deal!  We placed them out on the side porch on Friday evening and when the sun came up Saturday AM, we pulled up a couple of them, with coffee in hand, and watched the world (ok...the neighborhood) go by.

Nice chairs.

After we caffeinated and surveyed our surroundings, we decided the yard was in some serious need of attention, not to mention our new furniture needed a home. 

Back at Christmas, we picked up 4 miniture spruce trees and decided to care for them until we could figure out where to put them. So after a long, cold winter living indoors, we finally decided to bring them outside, introduce them to the sun and make them a home on our porches.  They are pretty tiny, but now that it's warmer and they have some sun, they should start to bulk up real soon.  We headed out to our local home improvement center and picked up a tray of some pretty red flowers (don't ask us the name we offcially know zero about anything landscaping related) and we put them together for what we think isn't a half bad little presentation!

The pretty red flowers...

... with baby trees

On the front porch (don't pay any attention to that door...)

...and on the side porch.

And speaking of things we bought then stored away, before we ever moved into the house we scored another piece of furniture from ---you guessed it!---and hid it away for future use.  Well, we almost considered re-selling it before our patio chairs got here and we realized we knew just the perfect place for it.  We forgot to take a before picture, but one Google Image search later and voila!

It looked very similar to this.
So we did what we do best: spray paint terrible looking furniture we got for a steal....($10!)

And then we found a little home for it with our chairs and a new outdoor rug....

Add some plant life that we had leftover using some recycled kitchen canisters....

Then just wait for the sun to go down so I can do my most favorite thing ever (burn tea lights!)....

And last, grab a frosty beverage, kick back and enjoy!

Good deals. Great weather. A prettier yard. And a few new places to sit, eat, relax, enjoy....oh yeah, we'll drink to that!


  1. Wow! Looks awesome! You guys have put a lot of work into that house. I hope I can come out to see it sometime!

  2. i love that you bought everything for cheap and repainted the table and it looks like new! such a fabulous little place to chill outside, and lucky for you guys the weather is getting nicer out!


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