Monday, April 26, 2010

Feeling Blue

Over the weekend, we made a list of to-dos as we often do, but then don't....well, we do, but some things we don't get around to doing or we do do but then we stop doing and remember we need to pick back up and "to done" them.  That made sense...right?  

Case in point: The kitchen.

We came out swinging with to do's when we first got into the house.

Need a quick reminder?

That just gave me a mini-anxiety attack.

By all accounts it was the one room that we needed to do right---- right away.  Yet on occassion we would get distracted from our list of do's.  Like in the early days of demo when we went totally crazy ripping and scrapping off wallpaper for a solid week, wiping down the walls and getting them ready for paint.  We had everything off and ready to, well you know, do---- except for a cookie sheet sized area of super sticky and un-stylishly stubborn wallpaper. 


It was all we had left, but we got busy on other projects and it stayed there for 2 weeks.  Just stayed.  Taunting us. Up there, above the fridge space.  All gray and mauve-ish and blue daisy-y. And eventually, we got around to showing that wallpaper who was boss.


In case there was any confusion.

And yet the same thing happened when we opened the third floor sweatshop.  You'll recall from earlier posts it was the place where all dark stained, terrible cabinetry went to die.  I spent a solid 2 weeks sanding, bleaching, priming, painting, second coating and then..... stalling.  All that was left to-do was a final coat on the front side of the doors and drawers.  Yet there they sat for weeks, out of sight; out of mind.  And as you our loyal followers know, eventually they got done.

We were back on top! we are, in that place once again. 

We knew we were into orange as an accent color in the kitchen, but finding the right color to paint the walls has been the longest ongoing dilemma we've faced.  In the early days we tested a super neutral brown then a pale grayish green.  And just like a certain goldie-locked fairy tale friend, we couldn't find that "just-right" fit.  We went through too light, too dark, too crazy and too blah. And what we have currently:  White, with a little lime-y green, a gray accent wall with a little bit of orange and a whole lot of confusion.

See? Half green. Half White.

Our multiple-personality kitchen is not to blame.  It can't help that we have not been inspired enough to finish it.  But this morning that all changed.

I was inspired:

Maybe it's because I spent all of my formidable high school years immersed in the color combo, but somehow the thought of combining orange and blue, really never occurred to me.  I mean, I'd seen it done, but using it in our house never crossed my mind. So I started to search Google Images (how much do we love Google----we'll save that for another day).

And to my surprise, the color combo is everywhere from high fashion to interior design: 

Now, when it comes to decor, I like to think outside the box.  But the problem is I often have too many ideas swirling around my head, it's hard to settle on a single concept and execute it.  But the one thing I do know about design is when it comes to colors, opposites attract.  With orange and blue being opposites on the color wheel, they are a clever combination of perfectly paired and decidedly daring.  It's just what we need! 

I haven't yet been to the paint store, but the plan is to head there later this week (is that more procrastination?).  I can't say for sure that this is the kick in the pants we needed, but it sure feels like a good fit! And while we haven't asked Goldilocks to offcially sign off on this "just right" idea, we're hoping that the long overdue story of our kitchen conundrum, this work in progress, finally has a fairytale---or at the very least---complete ending.

And then we can scratch one more item off the list.

So while we may not always complete things in the desired amount of time.  We're still the boss around here and we're still in charge...

...even if our ever growing list of incomplete projects and our kitchen's multiple personlities beg to differ.


  1. Love the blue-and-orange combo! Maybe those blue daisies are speaking to you from the grave... :-D

  2. Umm...pretty sure I sent you a picture of a 'Tiffany Blue' and orange kitchen like 2 months ago.....and you shot it down... ;)

  3. I'm sure the combo will look much better in your kitchen than on pompoms ;)


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