Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Size Matters


I can hardly stand the excitement! We've been stalking this massive monstrosity of a light fixture for a while  (its 34" wide!) and now it’s here (!!!!!!!!) sitting in a box on our dining room floor! I've put it in my online shopping cart at least 4 times only to back out....but today, a knock on the back door lead to the biggest (literally the biggest!) surprise ever!  I had no idea it was coming!

"What is that?"

I almost died.

All props to Ev for this one!

He. Is. Charming. Exclamation Point!

Jazz hands for being super jazzed about this beauty.

Its the sexiest light fixture on the face of the planet!!!!

And once we have this beauty hanging in our dining room, surely I will wear black cocktail dresses while making delicious desserts and serving fantastic champagne in fancy glasses.


Stay soon as we figure out how to hang this monster, we'll post the reveal!!!!

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