Monday, April 26, 2010

Over the Weekend

We had a great time on Saturday at a fundraising event for the little one's new school. The important details are listed below....

The highlights:
- Ev in a suit (Meow.)
- an excuse to wear black and stilettos (like I need one!)
- open bar
- lots of incredible French food
- super delicious nut brown beer and (decent) red wine 
- Michael Smith (pictured below)
- and during the live auction, we did not get swindled into bidding $1000 on a piece of Kindergarten artwork (but the guy next to us did!). 

We had a nice little weekend.  But we can't wait for the next one!  For the third year in a row we're headed to St. Pete's Beach.


I can almost hear the sound of a tiny umbrella being placed in my glass....

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  1. At C's schools fundraiser a few weeks ago a mom paid $700 for a parking space for the whole year to pick her kids up from school...and another one paid $1000 for a private 'art' party for her kid and his friends...I paid $40 to get in the door. :)


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