Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Get Your Groupon

About a month or so a go I discovered Groupons.  Its an addictive (and frankly quite clever) little online marketing/advertising gimmick.  The idea is, you sign up for the notifications (free) and each day you receive a new Groupon offer via email.  If it appeals to you, you select it by the deadline (usually midnight that day) and if the pre-determined number of people in your area also select it, everyone gets the deal.  Pretty cool!

The first deal I signed up for: 6 yoga classes for Evan and I at a pretty swank little yoga studio for $30 total, regularly a $90 value.  A week or so later I got a $100 gift certificate to a local salon for $20.  Not bad.  Of course enough people signed up by the deadline on those days, so we all got our deals!  It's really pretty awesome and again, sort of addictive.  Not to mention a fantastic way for local businesses to gain some exposure.

Add this idea to the list of other successful concepts I wish I had thought of first!

But the most exciting thing I have signed up for thus far begins on Monday.  A 4 week boot camp designed to whip willing and otherwise motivationally challenged soldiers into fit and fabulous shape.  Normally a pretty pricey little program, but thanks to my Groupon, I will be getting my butt kicked for 4 weeks, at 5 am, for the bargain price of $49.  Yes, I actually paid for this. And considering I signed up for a 4 week class at 5 am ---I totally deserve to have my butt kicked.

And what's even better is I somehow convinced my friend Jenny that she should do it too! And she agreed!  So I will have somone I know, close by, to smack me in the face every morning before the sun comes up and ask me what the hell I was thinking!!!???  It should be great!

I am pretty sure Groupons are available in several major cities, so a quick Google search should help you find one near you.

Ah Google.  Add that to the list too.

Here is a snapshot of Jenny and I organizing an event in NYC, looking happy and super best-friend-y.

And here is hoping that in 4 weeks, when the class is complete, we're still friends. 

Super fit friends that is.  :)

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  1. You can do it Kit! I can't wait to hear all about it. I'm right there with ya at 5am. Give me a call anytime on the way to the gym :)


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