Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We Have Seen The Light

UPDATE:  The light is up! 
As promised pictures of our newly installed Equator Pendant Lamp! She's so pretty!

A little handy work to get the job started

Say: "Super Sized Equator Pendant Lamp!"

Unwrapping like a kid on Christmas!


We know you must be wondering when are we going to get rid of those terrible Post-It Note temporary window blind thingies.

Answer: Soon. 

In fact, we found some very anomalous fabric over the weekend that we are currently pondering.  Where you ask?  Well, you'll have to stay tuned.... but I can tell you it is one of the most exciting places ever!!!  So exciting that we have an entire post dedicated to it.  And we only had to travel cross-country to get there. 

And you might also be wondering what we did with our leftover 31/2 ft cardboard box....?  


Well....we made a puppet show of course. :)

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