Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beginning of Half-Bath Bliss

Say that three times fast!!  :)

Our half-bath off the entryway was one of the final rooms we'd left basically untouched since we moved in.  Same terrible wallpaper, same dirty sink, same broken exhaust fan, and same lack of floor b/c I'd zealously yanked the vinyl the day we moved in.

We've been using it as a "paint shop" to store our 20+ pint-sized paint samples, good cans of paint, used paint thinner, brushes, other tools...and oh yeah, I guess it SORT OF functioned as a bathroom (these pics don't do the filth had to be there).

Finally about a week ago I was over it.  Without much warning from me, or approval from Kelly...I set to yanking the sink, pulling the toilet, popping the trim, and knocking out the sheetrock.  Not only did I REALLY not want to strip wallpaper, I also REALLY wanted to replace the fan, and REALLY wanted to make the unnecessary junction box in the middle of the ceiling go away.  A couple hours and 5 trash bags later and here's what we were left with...including a special guest!

Ceiling minus busted fan (see the old junction box...I got rid of it!)

Existing ductwork chase behind the mirror

Check out the remnants of this old back staircase that was turned into the duct chase and this half bath some time ago...

Even Andre couldn't look at the sink anymore!!  He loves tuna...but a seashell bowl?!

And here was our special "friend" who'd come to pay us a visit.  

I'm not sure who was scared more...him or me?  I THINK he was a Barn Swallow (correct me if you can bird fans)!  Pretty sure he'd snuck in through the exhaust duct that leads to the back chimney...the one that's currently missing a cap.  :)  I did manage to catch and release this fine creature who was happy to fly across the street to the park.  Hope he remembers us!

No sooner had our feathered friend flown away did I realize that now that I had destroyed the place (OK...ended its misery) that I now needed to figure out how to put it back together!  Stay tuned for Part II where the reconstructive surgery begins.  :)

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