Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is there an author in the house?

If the commercial jingles don't pan out, we definitely think there is a future for Miss Alex as an author. 

Presenting her first novel: Cat Goes to the Moon. 

Baby Cat asked Mama Cat to do something fun.
"Swimming?" asked Mama Cat.
"No." said Baby Cat
"To the Moon!"

So they built a rocket ship [using a cat hammer and cat wrench]!

And off they went, to the moon!

The End.

I can honestly say the only way in which I contributed was to write the words she came up with on the pages, minus the front and back covers, that was all her.  :)

Hard to decide who has the better handwriting.

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  1. *Ring-ring* Alex, the Pulitzer committee is on the phone for you!


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