Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brown BEGONE! Bring on the “Golden Fleece”!

Sorry we've been quiet for a while...busy time of the year for all of us!  A few weeks back, we decided we wanted to paint our front door BLACK!  But we couldn’t do this until we put on a new storm door.  We couldn’t do this until we painted over the terrible brown exterior trim around said door.  And if we were going to lose the brown around the door trim…we might as well get rid of the brown on the porch columns!  So BASICALLY…what started as painting the front door turned into 3 evenings of nightfall painting fun.  J

Picked up the new black storm door at Lowe’s the last day that they were 15% off…KA-CHING!!  Used a “standard” 81” storm door as opposed to the 83” “custom” one I replaced.  This meant about half the cost of a custom storm door, but also that I needed to frame down the top of the door/sidelight openings.

On the plus side…this means that we’ll also be able to replace the entry door with a “standard” (cheap) 80” door down the road…double KA-CHING!!  Or who knows...maybe we'll find an all-wood vintage 83" at our local Habitat Restore one of these days!!

Always be sure to prime (exterior KILZ)…in the dark…after 11PM...while hanging upside-down off the porch roof!

Porch BEFORE primer 
(OK...technically on the day we took possession but you get the idea):

And AFTER primer:

Then after the new full-view storm door went on (see in final pic below), it was finally time to paint the front door!  I still wouldn't call it BLACK...but "Dark Kettle" is as dark as Valspar gets.  

Steps to paint a front door:
1.  Sand  
2.  Prime
3.  Paint

Every house in our neighborhood blessed with these square, wooden porch columns with the square corner trim is painted with the trim color on the corners, and the body color in the middle…so in an effort to blend in historically, we followed suit.  In went the “Golden Fleece” yellow paint…God love it.  Thanks for leaving 2 gallons downstairs guy we bought the house from!  J

So…what do you think?! :-)


  1. I was beginning to give up hope that you'd ever be back...:)

    Looks really good!! I think some red chairs or cushions on the chairs on the porch would look great!

  2. Those aren't actually our chairs, we had borrowed them from the neighbors for a party, but we def want to get something red or yellow! Did you notice the wreath on the door? That's the one you gave us!

  3. Huge improvement....amazing what just a change of color will do, isn't it?


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