Saturday, September 18, 2010


Happy Birthday to our beloved Evie!  We love you so much!!!! There couldn't be a sweeter, more charming, more handsome, more handy, more loving or more incredibly deserving guy to wish a very Happy Birthday to!  

And there couldn't be two luckier girls than us, to celebrate with you, and call you ours. :)

We had an early celebration for Ev Thursday night, complete with homemade cards of spotted rabbits, pop-up trees and red carrots....

...lots of hugs & kisses from the ladies! 

 ...and a delicious feast of Mexican food from our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Jalapenos, followed by decadent gourmet cupcakes!  

That's a chocolate cream cupcake with whipped frosting and candied bacon.  Yes, bacon.  :)

Happy Birthday to the Man of My Dreams. 
May it be equally as sweet as you are.


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  1. Very sweet!!! I had to ask who "Mom D" old eyes can't always see very well, ya know!


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