Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Alex.....and Nani and Nathan!

Today is a big day for birthdays*!  Alex turns six years old (holy cow!) in good company with her Nani (my mom) and Nathan (Evan's brother).  

I'll be updating with more pics as the day goes on and we document the fun, but for now, the littlest member of the birthday crew gets the spotlight....


...but as soon as Nani and Nathan send me their versions of this dance, I will post those as well!  :) 

*Remembering: Today my Papa Lloyd also would have celebrated his birthday.  
We celebrate and remember him with love!  

Happy Birthday To All!

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  1. Happy Birthday Alex!! :) I think we're taking Nani to Texas Roadhouse for her birthday...I'll make them play that song while she rides the saddle...and I'll send video. ;)


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