Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Birthday Fun

Around here, we love celebrating birthdays and so the fun went on pretty much all day!  Here are a few more shots of how the rest of the day was spent...

All birthday girls (and boys) should start the day out right with their favorite breakfast!  For Alex, pancakes with butter (syrup on the side) and strawberries.

Wonder what she wished for?

In years past Alex and I have celebrated her birthday with a day full of fun, this year she wanted to be at school with her friends and share treats with everyone, so I picked up some cookies & milk and had a great time at the class party. 

Those are numbers 6's in case you couldn't tell.  Four people (2 adults and 2 kids) asked what  the "g" stood for.  Oh well - they were super tasty!

Above, Alex with current BFFs Bella & Tulie.  

Below, a special delivery from dad.

Next, this super cute poster that all her classmates made to help celebrate her big day.

Below, favorite friend Harry explains to the class that he drew a crown "Because Alex is our Queen!"  
What a moment to miss getting on video.  Priceless

Below, more cuteness from friends Tyler, left, (who apparently is Alex's boyfriend -- or so she tells us! WHAT!?) and Riley. 

We were a little shocked to hear talk of a budding romance in kindergarten, but we're thinking we'll let this "relationship" slide.  Tyler is pretty darn cute and his parents are pretty rad.

Do you know what this says?

Neither do we.
I'll go out on a limb and guess it has something to do with the date. :)

So....after a fun filled afternoon with 20 5&6 year-olds, it was great to end the day with dinner for just the 3 of us at T-Rex Cafe and a little birthday gifting at Build-a-Dino.  

This is officially the 3rd birthday that we have celebrated with some form of Build-a-Something.  It's a favorite of Alex's and I later found out it's what she wished for earlier in the day.  :)

This little big 6 year old is fast asleep now and we've just put the finishing touches on invitations to her upcoming Princess Party for a few of her fellow princess friends- it promises to be another fun-filled adventure I'm sure.  

We believe in celebrating birthdays, even if those celebrations go on for a few days. It's an opportunity to celebrate one's good fortune of being on Earth another year! With the sometimes crazy schedules that we keep, it is so important to take time out and celebrate a birthday when it comes around!  
We loved sharing this day with Alex and hope that you enjoyed this recap of the day's events!

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