Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let there be MORE light!!! And groovy shadows...

This post is pretty self-explanatory, so I'll just let the pictures do the talking....

Cool huh?  :)  For sure cooler than when it looked like this...

If you haven't already checked it out...see the rest of our first floor House Tour here...

Note:  I did have to grind down the steel plate that mounts to the ceiling a little bit as the diameter was JUST slightly too big for the white, plastic cover piece to fit completely around it.  No big deal.  


  1. Those shadows ARE groovy! Almost looks like patterned wallpaper. We like it!

  2. Hopped over here from Young House Love to see the fixture in your dining area, as I am remodeling mine too. First of all, the way you have the space designed is so fun! I like it to the point that I may make some changes in my own space! Also, the fixure is AWESOME with the shadows! I am intimidated by this piece because I absolutely do not have the attention span to put the little pieces together. But maybe my partner does!
    This is very cool! Glad you shared!

  3. Thanks so much! We really debated going with this size or the gigantic one, and I wasn't sold on the smaller one when it was still in the box, but once we got it up --- it was perfect! The big one would have really overpowered the space.

    Thanks again for the comment!

  4. Another pop-over from YHL...this light is fabulous in this space! Those shadows are awesome! Nice job, indeed.

  5. Thanks! We almost went for the giant one, but the smaller size was the way to go and we love the cool shadows!


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