Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Royal Gathering

We promised to share highlights from Alex's birthday party with friends after we posted her actual birthday celebration - so here they are!

When two of her classmates had back to back parties on the Saturdays before and following her birthday, we knew we had to get creative.

We decided to try a Friday night party, unusual for 6 year olds, but it actually worked out great!  I picked up this adorable Princess Dress at TJ Maxx last summer and planned to hide it away until Christmas.  What usually ends up happening when I do things like this is

a) I forget about them totally or
b) I can't remember where I hid them. 

In this case, I forgot all about it until just before her birthday, so it served as the inspiration for her Princess Party.

We decided to host a movie night in our very own living room. The girls watched Disney's Princess & The Frog and we served popcorn and theater-style beverages (aka: Please don't spill this on our couch).  :) 

We moved our coffee table out of the way and freed up a ton of space to be filled with bean bag chairs, blankets and oversized pillows.

We weren't sure how long a room full of princesses would stay engaged, but to our surprise they (almost) made it through the whole flick!  Of course someone figured out that a pillow fight would be more fun, so we had to divert to gift opening and cake eating. 

She liked the cupcakes.  :)  And we liked that we had an excuse to do a taste test on a place we are considering for the wedding. They passed. 

 And we think the other girls really liked their party favors. 

Next year Alex says she wants a party with a "real cute pterodactyl" and the Easter Bunny.  Um....What?!  Sounds an awful lot like her idea to be a Dolphin-Bat for Halloween.  :)

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  1. Awwwww, very charming. I'm so taken with "girlie" things like this, probably because I never got to have it in OUR house!


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