Monday, August 1, 2011

The Porpoise and the Hair

The title of this post is awry.  Much like something in this photograph is awry.  Can you tell what it is?

Can't find it?  What if we take a closer look.....

AW----YEAH!!  That's right, your eyes do not deceive you!  That my friends, is a paint swatch, or as we like to call it:  A wild hair!  And its very presence might be a true representation of just how patient and level-headed we really are.

You might recall a day (okay maybe 45 days) when our living room looked a little like this:

And I, at the time, looked like this:

The agony of choosing a universal paint color was entirely too problematic for this girl.  You see originally, we had grand plans of each room having its own signature color.  We're not talking about a rainbow collection of living spaces, but a few tones that complimented each other and set each room apart.

We loved gray.

Gray was supposed to be the color of choice for the majority of our home, but we could never get it just right.  We tried at least 10 different shades and brands of gray, but in the end, it was a warm lavender in some rooms and cold silver in others.  With no furniture yet in the house and the old trim still shining through, we really couldn't tell what would compliment each room best and what the color would really look like once everything moved in.

The biggest problem?

We were short on time.  Had we had an eternity to think about it, I am sure we could've come up with a color we liked, but as you may recall, our goal was to have the entire house painted prior to moving in.  That left us a little over 15 days to come up with a winner.  Which might sound like ample time for normal folks.  But we ain't normal!  With those limitations, we went the safe route, a color we could live with and looked the same in every room:

Sherwin Williams - Kilim Beige.

Now before I go and hurt its feelings, let me just say that Kilim Beige is a delightful  And in the world of beige-s, it is the great equalizer.  It's crisp.  It's clean.  It's beige.  We agreed it was the safest and decided to live with it until we had a better idea of what each space wanted. No rush judgments.  No crazy colors.  No regret.

So very level-headed and so very patient of us indeed.

And now?  We're back to gray.  A year and a half later we have lived with beige and enjoyed beige and even decided to keep beige in several areas, but at long last the living room is getting a facelift!   The swatching has begun and after a single color visited a tiny portion of our walls, we actually think we may have found a winner already!  It's either Behr - Dolphin (porpoise - get it?) or Requisite Gray.  Believe me - nobody is more shocked to have front runners than us. So in this tale of the Porpoise and the Hair, we are proving once and for all that when choosing paint colors, slow and steady still wins the race!


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