Thursday, August 4, 2011

To Paint Or Not To Paint

When we last left you we had just put a new paint color on our living room walls.  That project is still in progress, but we've already moved on to other ideas.  The funniest thing about all this paint madness is that yesterday marked our 1 month wedding anniversary.  Why is that funny you ask?  Well, while we were chillin' (sweating) on the beach in Curacao on our honeymoon, we talked about how we were taking a break from house projects for at least 3 months.  You know, take some time to relax after all our hard work planning our primarily DIY wedding and lots of home projecting for guests.  We do, after all, still have about 15 projects to update you on both wedding and house-related.  So, taking a few months to regroup seemed like a good plan.

Well, you see how long that lasted. :)

Back to the walls.  The plan is to cover the entire room in Sherwin-Williams "Requisite Gray" (which we will be color matching at HomeDepot for a more affordable option).  This color passed the daytime into nighttime test on all four walls unlike some previous contenders.  It still looked gray everywhere...not even a hint of purple.  Phew!   But then during testing we got the crazy idea to take our painting a little bit further....and we did this....

Cue dramatic music!  Bum! Bum! Bum!

And now for the buzzkill...

That's actually just paper from our Stendig Calendar that we taped to the fireplace as a way to test the concept.  It still really looks like this:

But we're torn.  Should we take the plunge?  The white definitely looks more modern, but we love a good brick accent.  The wall we knocked out in our kitchen for our beer tap is one of our favorite projects in the house:

But something about the fireplace brick just doesn't look as cool.  The good news is the white calendar paper is pretty convincing and so we feel like we already know exactly how it will look.  Plus, we took the liberty of asking our pretend friends John & Sherry Petersik of Young House Love what they think and Sherry says:

We're not ones to argue with two people who have made blogging about their decorating sense a full time job.  And clearly we are also not above a little shameless self-promotion over the fact that they answered our email (!!!), so basically - its all but a done deal.  But we're still open to opinions.

Do you have one?

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  1. I am obsessed Young House Love! So jealous that you had an email conversation with the Petersiks! My vote - go for the white.

    BTW: Your wedding was gorgeous and oh so fun!

    Shannon Solis


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