Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back It Up

The other day while working on my Halloween of Years Past post I started digging through my photo files to find some of the early shots of Alex.  I got a new computer a few months back and had backed everything from my old one up to an external hard drive.  When I booted it up, in search of my photo history, it was nowhere to be found.  We're talking about YEARS of photos and videos here and I had the worst feeling in the pit of my soul.  My face felt like it was 110 degrees - a feeling I get only in times of uber high-level stress. 

Vacations. Christmases. Random shots of random awesomeness.  Videos.  Oh the videos!

I could feel the tears starting to form and panic was certainly setting in.  Immediately I started running through some of the photos and videos that I would no longer have proof of.  Moments in time, captured digitally and now, maybe lost forever?

I couldn't take it.

The thought of losing the past 4 years of Alex's life on "film" was devastating.  Luckily, my hero of heroes was able to locate and retrieve the files and brought the past 4 years of our lives back to life.  I was reminded just how important it is to back up your files and back up often.  Save your photos, save your life!

Among the thousands of photos I now had regained access to, I had the one video that immediately came to mind when I thought about what might be lost. It was the one file I couldn't bear to live without! As this blog has and will become a time capsule of sorts, I figured I may as well post the most amazing 2 minutes in a then-3 year old's life.  In the event that I ever do lose my files, at least this one, my favorite one of all time, has a place forever online.

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