Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween. Happy Fall.

This is the best time of year.  Hands down.  There is nothing better than fall.  We had an excellent weekend celebrating all things fall related and ending it with our personal favorite fall activity, Halloween.

The weekend kicked off with a trip to Louisburg Cider Mill for some corn mazin', animal viewin' and cider donutin'.  Yes, cider donuts.

That's a cider donut.  Mmmm...... We did not eat 6 of them.  I don't care what you heard.

Later on, we caught a mini-concert and cd release party for our friend Issac and his band Month of May.  They also sang at our wedding:

And then we wrapped it all up with Alex's 5th Annual Halloweenie Spooktacular and a slew of adorable goblins, including this triple layer cake of amazingness, the children of our friends (and wedding photogs) who ironically took pictures of their brood on their cell phone.  I bet they even take good cell phone pics.

And of course the customary group shot: 

And a couple of too-cute-for-words kiddos: 

I can say this now, because no one got hurt, but THE funniest moment of the evening came when the kids knocked on the door of an unsuspecting homeowner, who wasn't actually offering anything to trick or treaters except her ginormous dog.  Upon opening the front door,  this giant fur-ball made a crazy break for it right into the group of goblins.  It was a crazy scene that started like this:

And concluded with the most incredible scaling of a tree any terrified 6 year old has ever completed:

Again, no one was hurt and everyone happily posed for more photos and as you can see that little guy made it safely back down the tree:

And of course an impromptu rendition of "Who Let The Dogs Out?" followed. 

And then more photos:

This was probably one of the warmest Halloween weekends I ever remember experiencing which made it that much better. How was your Halloween?  And more importantly, how long do you think this amazing weather will last???


  1. Thanks again for the great Halloween party and posting all these pictures! Love that Yoda!

  2. Thanks for coming and for posting a comment. Looks like someone actually does read this thing! :)


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