Tuesday, December 11, 2012

meeting the cast of les mis

last week we had the most incredible opportunity.  we were invited to meet the Broadway cast of Les Miserables at alex's school and help document this once in a lifetime encounter.

the cast was in kansas city for a weekend performance during a stretch of their 25th anniversary national tour and they stopped by the school to fine tune their songs - in French.

listening to them sing with the students was nothing short of amazing.  i had goosebumps on my arms, tears in my eyes and a bit of sadness in my heart.  yep, sadsies.
seeing them on stage and speaking to them afterwards, made me seriously question why i ever stopped acting.  it is something that i love so much and thought i would do forever.  every year i say this is the year i'll get back into it, and then i don't for a multitude of lame excuses.

anyway... i was absolutely blown away by the commitment of these actors - especially the little bitty ones.  spending every weekend on the road, in a new city and away from any real sense of home - it's not for everyone and it certainly wouldn't be the life for me - but it made me long to get back into it, one way or another.

such an incredible day.  such amazing talent.  such an long, overdue kick in the pants.  check out a few photos of the cast in action, and hear them sing with the kids below...

i love the transformation from everyday people to costumed characters... 

 and now, the cast with the seventh & eighth graders ...

a huge thank you to the amazing cast and to alex's school for allowing us to experience this.  did you see the show while they were in town?  are you planning to see the upcoming film?

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