Monday, January 18, 2010

Double Whammy

We know.  We haven't done an update in over a week, ok--- two! Since we last left you, the paint was still underway and had yet to be completed!  We are happy to report that the paint is in fact complete in the main living areas --- minus the kitchen---- and there are few signs of the house we began dissecting over 1 month ago.  Where those pitiful paint colors and terrible trim once lived, we now have uniform color and an incredible new look! 

And as if that wasn't enough to get really, really excited about, over the weekend we laid new floors in the kitchen, dining and living rooms!  It was offcially the most exciting weekend since we started working on the house!  As we close in on the final 2 weeks before we move in, things are really taking shape and this is really starting to feel like home!

Check out the amazing transformation of the floor, trim and walls and stay tuned as we continue another agonizing search for the perfect paint color... for the kitchen...and we'll unveil a pretty impressive cabinet makeover (if you look closely you can already catch a glimpse!

You remember this....

And now...

Next up.... the kitchen gets bright!

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