Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sneak Peek of the Week

I can take zero credit for this week's sneak peek. While the dynamically handy father-son duo worked their wizardry, I spent the day packing up 305 West and getting things ready to move into 26 East!  I had forgotten how long it takes to pack up an entire house, and foolishly have waited until the last possible weekend to begin it...of course. 

But while I lamented over the multitude of "only played-with-once-please-mommy-I-just-gotta-have-it" Christmas gifts that my five year old placed in her "don't want anymore pile", and sorted through boxes that hadn't been opened since the last move....some magic was happening at 26 E., and although I have yet to see it in person, I recieved some snapshots via email during the wee hours last night (such hard workers!!!). 

Stay tuned for Evan's post and a detailed description of what actually transpired yesterday and a near-complete product, but for now, just a peek at their work along the way!

( you see those cabinets??? Stay tuned for my detailed posting on their facelift!)

Our new appliances patiently waiting backstage before making their kitchen debut!

Who knew what a difference this would make?

Nice electrical work Vana!!!

Again, you'll have to stay tuned for a detailed description from the professionals, but as you can see the kitchen is finally beginning to look like a real-live space! 

More to come....

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