Sunday, January 3, 2010

This Week's We Couldn't Live Without Award Goes to....

DIF & Daph!

Spending 8 hours peeling one wall of wallpaper (yes just one!) in the master bedroom was all we needed to call in some serious reinforcements. Considering we had an entire kitchen of gray and mauve wallpaper (with another layer of blue daisies underneath) we needed some serious is Week 3 afterall and we are still aiming to be in the house in less than a month!

So this week's award goes to a Zinsser product called DIF and a friend called Daphne. In the amount of time it took  to peel one wall in the bedroom, we were able to peel down and clean off all the kitchen walls, which allowed us to begin some serious demolition.

It really made a huge "DIF!"

Rockstar Daphne!

And now for a little trip down memory lane.....

And the current state of our kitchen....

Thumbs up and smiles....all good signs!

Goodbye almond colored tile!

Hey...that yellow isn't half bad!

Yes, Kelly is wearing dishwashing gloves and Evan is sporting plastic bags for socks.....don't ask! :)

Take that base cabinets!

(heavier that it looks I promise)

1950's flooring...

...and killer blue daisy wall retro!!!  :)

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