Thursday, February 11, 2010

Electrical schmectrical...

Black = hot, white = neutral, copper = ground. Easy right? It is...unless you're working on a switch leg for a light fixture, or a three-way switch, or a 220volt dryer or range circuit. :) I'll try keeping this post short and sweet with as few nerdy details as I can.

Luckily, our new home's electrical system was COMPLETELY redone in 1979. New 200 amp service from the pole (no Polish jokes), ALL copper wiring (none of that cheap aluminum from the early '70s), and no more scary knob and tube leftover from the dark ages (though there is some cool old evidence of it)! This was a huge selling point for us...along with updated plumbing and solid ductwork through all 3 floors...

I digress...back to the 100+ IVORY-colored switches and receptacles I'm only 50% through replacing. That's right...IVORY! Who's idea were those anyway? Three bits of great news:

1. One by one I'm identifying mystery breakers and marking them for future identification.
2. I've only gotten juiced a couple times (not like the Jersey Shore guys).
3. The white receptacles and a couple updated light fixtures look AWESOME! :)

Here's some pics...some boring, some pretty.  ENJOY!  :)

Pretty new receptacle...also one of the new grills (sorry we aren't "iced out" Lil' Wayne)

Old nasty back porch was LITERALLY a pickle jar...

New security light! (nuts...the house is still yellow behind it)

New junction box to move the range receptacle...

New 4-prong dyer outlet for safety (this one's for you Mom!)  :)

Quasi-neatly-wired breaker box...have a few spaces left for expansion!!

New ceiling fan in the master bedroom!!!



  1. Oh Evan, you're going to really enjoy looking in our attic (knob & tube extravaganza) and if you're lucky I'll let you check out the wiring in our living room sconces! All your updates look great and we can't wait to see the "new" look when we come down in April!

  2. i'm a fan of that ceiling fan! =)

  3. I can beat the ivory, I have black outlet and switches our old farm house...they should not even be allowed to make black ones!


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