Monday, February 1, 2010

It's The Little Things

Yesterday marked two important milestones in the new home. 

1. The first walk to our local grocery store.
2. The first pot of chili in our new home.

We've taken the opportunity to highlight so many of the big things we have done to the house and so we thought it was important to celebrate some of the smaller (and in some cases more significant) ones. 

Alex was thrilled to get out on her scooter and I couldn't believe how great it felt to leave the car behind and stroll up to the local market for my secret chili ingredient!  Alex couldn't believe they had a special rack for her scooter to wait outside for her.  I also couldn't believe she made it all the way there and back with minimal pushing!  A small victory in and of itself!

The weather was a perfect mix of cool yet sunny and we met several neighbors along the way. One of the many things we loved about this house was its proximity to things like a neighborhood grocery store, awesome parks, nightlife, public transportation, walking trails and coffee shops.  On our walk we even met some neighbors from down the street who encouraged us to stop by for a beer anytime this spring/summer that we see them sitting outside----there is no doubt we'll begin spying on their front porch as soon as the weather warms up!

And speaking of the little things, there are so many smaller projects that we have taken on that are making a huge difference!  Take for instance the bathroom faucets and the polishing of old door hinges that look new (and far more stylish) again!  And with a little help from a little worker, we're getting a lot done in a little amount of time! 

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