Monday, February 15, 2010

Hole-y cat hole!!!

Another quick update tonight...more of an excuse for me to drill holes in perfectly good doors than anything.  Finally took the 20 minutes this weekend to install the kitty door to the basement for Andre.  :)  He MIGHT be on the heavy end of the scale for the "Small"-sized door...but I figured we'd give it a try.  He says "the fluff adds 5 pounds." 

Chopped out the hole, threw a piece of wood along the bottom edge of the door to the basement to reinforce it, and called it done. Unfortuntately he hasn't quite figured it out and thinks he needs to PULL it open instead of walking through it. :( Oh least we can keep the basement door locked now without keeping him from his throne room. :)

Hang tight for some pics of the big furball himself.  :)  He recently got a haircut so he actually fits through the thing pretty well.  Adios for now!  -EZ-E


  1. Wow, that hole DOES look small in comparison to Andre when he's in full fuzzy form! :-) Has he figured it out (reliably) yet?

  2. Not quite. :( I had to pull the door itself out of the frame. Maybe when I have more time to "train" him he'll figure it out. Or when the full lion mane grows back he will go Incredible-Andre-Hulk-style and rip the whole door off its hinges. ;)


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