Monday, December 19, 2011

A Warm December

It was almost 60 degrees over the weekend and no one is complaining. We took full advantage of the amazing weather and hit the streets. Well, the street corner anyway.  One hour and 30 boxes later, it's safe to say there are benefits to living on a busy street.  Bam!  Cookie gangstas.  That's right.

Even bus drivers love Thin Mints!  

(And yes, in case you were wondering, Alex did tie me to my seat with banner flags.  Why wouldn't she?)

To complete the weekend we hit the ice terrace at Crown Center.  I've been taking Alex ice skating since she was 2!  That was then....

  This is now: 

In a little under 5 years she has learned to not be so angry when she has to take a break for ice resurfacing: 

But it does appear that she still rules the world. 

And now it's Monday again, which normally I would be unhappy about, but the week is a short one and I'm off until after New Years so again, no complaining on our end!  Now, if only the weather will cooperate for a little bit longer..........

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  1. Those leaf-jumping shots are great! And what's the magic behind the flying plane picture??? That's a really fun photo...looks like planking!


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