Thursday, December 22, 2011

Black Out

If you were paying close attention to the shots from our Fabulous Mad Men Themed Birthday Extravaganza of the Year (that's what the associated press are calling it I bet) then you may have caught a glimpse of  our latest project.

After much debate and countless hours of staring at the walls and trying to decide what that room was missing, we went for it.  We painted the dining room black.  Why you ask?  Well, no one really knows for sure, but it seemed like a good idea.

It was a heavily debated decision, especially because I initially thought the room needed black and white horizontal stripes.

I now realize that was more than likely a slight error in judgement.

It took a while but we (and when I say "we" I mean "Evan") got started and painted the entire room white.  We (I was involved in this) taped up some paper stripes.  We stared at them.  Took them down and rearranged them.  I wasn't convinced.  For a moment I thought the room could just stay white.

But that moment was fleeting.

In the end, we had the black paint and we decided to just go for it.

We started with one wall...

Then added another...

And then a lot more staring ensued.

The weekend of the party sneaked up on us and we decided to put the room back together.  We figured we could decide what to do with the remaining two walls later on.  But once everything was in place, we were kind of digging the half&half look and so for now, it stays.

(the view from the living room) 

(the other white wall)

A little crazy.  A little cool.  But a lot of fun for sure.


  1. really contrasts well against that crazy dude on the green tractor. He looks like a cool character.

  2. Saw your link in the AT comment you posted and the the room is gorgeous. Leave it as is, I fear if all the walls were black it would be too much with the dark floors. Plus, the large mirror makes an excellent statement. I would glam up that pendant light with a different fabric though, it's a bit blah. Great job and awesome that you took the leap! <3

  3. Thanks so much for the comment and tips! We really love this room and the black paint works because of all the natural light we get in this room. We'll think about updating the pendant, its such an awesome piece but could maybe use a spruce up!

  4. Saw your comment on AT and thought I'd make a (radical) suggestion. I painted a spare bedroom with a dark charcoal grey on 3 walls and bright yellow on the 4th. I liked the contrast, but then the white ceiling was distracting. I took the plunge and painted the ceiling the dark charcoal and WOW! Since you couldn't see the edges of the ceiling and the 3 walls, the room looks like it doubled inside. I put a cool ceiling fixture (white lily lamp) and now that is the room I get the most complements on. Unfortunately, my realtor didn't get a good photo of that room, but you can see it at:

    It was a scary plunge, but I'm glad I did it!

  5. love. it works very well because of your great windows and natural light!

  6. Also saw your comment on AT, so I had to check it out. It's stunning & totally Mad Men Cool. Very Well Done.


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