Friday, October 5, 2012


oh my gosh you guys.  yesterday i had the most grin-inducing privilege of going to a place i have only ever dreamt about: the floral wholesaler.  and i know what you're thinking:  huh?  but it's true.  i had no idea there was such a place so close to me and so within the realm of reality. 

hundreds and hundreds of fresh flowers, all at my fingertips, all lined up and just waiting for me to take them home and love them.  all of them at wholesale prices.

now this isn't the type of place just any 'ole floral lover can wander into.  i was the guest of my friend emily - a legit floral designing goddess & local business owner - who you'll be meeting very soon.
and i don't think emily quite knew what she was getting herself into because i was pretty hyper about the entire ordeal, entirely too enthusiastic for an 8am adventure.

but this was beyond exciting.  i didn't even care how cold the cooler was.  i could have stayed in there all day just smelling flowers and trying to decide who to take home.

here's who made the cut:

see that wrap on the left?  that one is mine; the others belong to the pro...

looks like a christmas miracle -- doesn't it???!!!

i told the gentleman who wrapped them up and handed them to me, that i felt just like miss america.  and i pretty much did.

now i am certainly no floral designer, but as you probably know by now, having fresh flowers in our home is one of my most favorite things.  so although we reserve the title of floral designer for the true profesh - i think it's safe to call me a floral dabbler.

so i took my new loot and whipped up a few little arrangements for around the house.

and i am still pretty geeked out about it.  i'm loving the gorgeous fall colors and loving these little pumpkins that i'll probably hollow out to put the arrangements in for an upcoming dinner party.

thanks to emily for taking me along with her to "just another day at the office."  i seriously can't stop smiling.  maybe i need to revisit my career path in should make you this happy.


  1. I am so so jealous! I want to go too! I love fresh flowers around the house and had no idea we had such a place in town! You lucky girls!

  2. Fresh flowers are marvelous. Silk flowers have come a long way in terms of looking more realistic & less tacky than they did in, say, the '80s, but they are no substitute for the real thing. Love how you divided your bouquet into three smaller, coordinating bouquets. Where did you place them in your house? I love putting a small bouquet in the guest bathroom. Such a thoughtful, pretty little surprise that your guests are sure to notice as something you did just for them.

  3. thanks alice! i agree with you - guet bathroom is always a great spot. i put one of the bouquets there, one in the entryway and one on the mantle. i also really like to put a small budvase on the nightstand in the guest bedroom too, when we have guests in town.


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