Thursday, October 4, 2012

try me: dry shampoo

i have a confession: i'm obsessed with dry shampoo.  in fact, i love it so much, i sometimes use it right after i've washed my hair with regular shampoo and water...totally defeating the very purpose for which it was created.  crazy, but i can't help it.  aside from being able to have a good hair day on limited notice, i just really love the texture it gives my hair - whether it's dirty or squeaky clean.

i started using it several years ago and i didn't get the memo right away; i was paying over $25 for the salon quality brands.  but then i discovered the discount brands that i love like:  batiste and pssssst!

the best part, all of these are available at your local pharmacy for about $3-$10.  i am really loving the scent of the new suave formula, it's my current fave.

if you've never tried dry shampoo, you don't know what you're missing!  just a quick spray to the roots then comb through.  even curls hold better after a day or so...ish.  don't judge me.

seriously - stop washing your hair every day.  it's not good for it!

do you use dry shampoo?  what is your favorite brand?


  1. dry shampoo is a lifesaver! ;) my favorite brand is not your mother's, but i would love to try these ones too. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  2. I wash my hair once, maybe twice a week. I've got the typical over dryness of curly hair so I'm always getting creative with how to maintain my hair. "No Poo" shampoo when I do wash it, dry shampoo when I don't, and the sock bun to eliminate hair driers and curling irons! The thing is, I get compliments for my hair CONSTANTLY! And it always looks the BEST on the 2nd or 3rd day, even pretty good on the 4th, just ok on the 1st. BUT I haven been training my hair to go sans washing for my entire life. Moral of the story, I'm on the dry shampoo train!


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