Thursday, October 25, 2012

do it yourself: modern wreath

you know i love just about anything with black and white stripes. so when i spotted a black and white striped wreath online the other day, i totally envisioned it on our totally naked front door.  but upon further examination i realized, i could make that wreath a lot faster and a lot free-er using things i already had around the house.

full disclosure: i did not have this $4 wreath laying around, so i did have to invest in it.

but i am up to my eyeballs in black & white felt at the moment, making a certain someone's halloween dreams come true, so i had plenty of that on hand.  i cut up several little squares of felt... 

and using a hot glue gun that i already had, i wrapped each piece around and glued them in place.  for felt halloween costumes/mini projects hot glue is a lifesaver and serious timesaver.  

voila!  total project time; 10 minutes.

i was kind of digging it all minimilist like, but these cool vintage metal numbers have just been lounging around on a bookshelf waiting for someone to put the them to good use...

so i added them for a little punch of color.  and there you have it... $4 and 10 minutes later.  

and then it was back to costume making...  

seriously, have you ever seen a diva strike a more fierce pose than this one? 

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