Thursday, February 7, 2013

making valentines + where to dine this year

i don't care how old i get, making valentines is still something i love doing.  my friend annie, who throws some of the most epic par-tays around, hosted a rock-star valentine-making-party.   everything you could want for the kiddos and their parents (who will never grow up) was on-hand.

have your kiddos made their valentines yet?  you can find details for making these and other adorable designs on her pinterest page and choose a favorite - or several favorites.  we made at least one of each, but really kind of went ape sh*t over these:

so cute right?  but don't think the fun stopped there.  she also set up a sugar cookie corner for decorating the perfect treats...

some people think of everything!  and okay - this will be totally cheesy to say - but we were totally in love with this deliciously darling way to get decked out for valentines day!

what are you planning to do with/for your sweeties this year?  we like to keep it simple and just go out to eat somewhere local and family-friendly.  then, we come home and get down to business - making fondue.

here is our list of favorite local picks for family-friendly dining this v-day:

eden alley  |  blue koi  | blue grotto  |  LuLu's   |  pizzabella |  spin pizza - (where we went last year + they are currently advertising a pretty sweet v-day deal)

what do you do for v-day?  homemade cards or store bought?  go out or stay in?

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  1. Great post but you failed to mention that some of the adults were watching a little thing called the Super Bowl at the same time. Good way to keep the kids entertained. I also like all of your food options with a special nod to Blue Grotto.


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