Monday, February 4, 2013

30 days

i am terrible at setting fitness goals.  beyond the basic new year's resolutions of eating healthier, moving more (blah blah blah), i just can't seem to get specific and make it happen.  and that annoys me.  it annoys me so much that every time the first of a new month rolls around, i find myself saying:  wow, last month went by so fast.  if i would have worked out or eaten healthy, i would already be that much further ahead this month! 

but it never happens.

take november for example. i decided to get serious about a workout routine early in the month.  i figured i could pre-empt the holiday food binge by already having a steady fitness plan in place.  but then it got cold, and i got bored, and well, it lasted 5 days.  right now i think - DAMN!  i could already be three months in!

but i'm not.

the truth is i have a hard time sticking to a workout routine.  i know the goals i want to achieve, but when i don't see/feel them fast enough, i'm over it.  but this month i am getting serious.  so serious that i am willing to put my words on display for all to hear (see).  i have decided to honestly make an effort. and i will work out every. single. day. for 30 days with no exceptions.  a reasonable amount of time to expect to see some semblance of results.

and i am doing it with a little help from my friends...

the plan:  water, water, water, & workouts.

we eat pretty healthy already, so i'm honestly not planning to make too many edits to our menus, but my husband reminds me every day (and multiple times throughout it) that i do not drink enough water.  and i know this.  but i gotta be honest, plain old tap water just doesn't do it for me.  so i have adopted a couple recipes that i actually look forward to consuming:

they are:  tap water with a teeny-tiny splash of pure cranberry juice.  i love this all natural option from trader joes.  the ingredients:  cranberry juice.  and nothing more.  now like a total weirdo, i prefer my tap water at room temperature - but i hear drinking it ice cold burns calories faster.

also:  carbonated water with a freshly squeezed lime.  unbelievably refreshing and packs an added punch of vitamin c.  i can usually get 2 glasses, w/ice, from each can of la croix.

and for the days when it's really hard to get motivated, i combine all three and pretend it's just a delicious fruity cocktail.  because nothing says "drink me" quite like a festive straw and a slice of fruit...

the workout: tracy anderson mat method, at least 5 days a week and some good old fashion walking on the weekends.

the goal? these jeans that i bought two years ago, paid too much for and have never seen the light of day.  see that tag on them - yeah - never.

this dress that i wore three years ago in vegas, that is entirely too fantastic to be collecting dust in my closet:

and this stupid thing, which could be any color or style or design, but would still be stupid and i would still dread putting it or anything else like it, on:

and finally and most importantly:  my overall health, well-being and satisfaction, because i am sick of feeling like this all the time: 

the status:  i am beyond thrilled to report that i am already 1 week in.  yep - you heard me, i have managed to workout, drink water & eat healthy for seven straight days.  it may not seem like much, but it is, so far, the longest stretch of a healthy lifestyle that i have had in a long time.  and the best news of all - i am actually enjoying it and feeling a lot better!

in summary:  i'll be celebrating another birthday in a little over a month, and therefore indisputably not getting any younger.  and i've noticed it gets a lot harder to stay in shape in your 30s.  i am finally at a place in my life where i am sick of constant headaches, sick of constantly feeling tired, sick of staring at a closet full of dust-collecting clothes and sick of pretending that i don't know my lack of water & exercise are to blame.

so it's happening.  and i have said it out loud, so i have to follow through!  more water, more movement, and hopefully more (healthy) years on earth.  so, wish me luck, pass me a lime wedge cocktail and join me if you'd like!  this is 30 days to a healthier lifestyle.  ready, set, go!

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  1. Good luck Kelly! Sounds like you are off to a good start! I joined Fusion Fitness in December and am completely addicted! I try to work out there three days a week and then do the elliptical or treadmill the other two. Three weeks ago, I also cut out a lot of the carbs (and wine)I was consuming each day, and so far, it seems to be working! We all need to try and motivate each other! - Kara


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